Smile the essence of < :) > can it be more?

Our initial study and research indicated that all modern smiles originated in essence in code and that the first
modern understanding of the influence and power of the smile diverged from numbers and symbols. Although
this interpretation of the the essence of smiles data had its critics, the fact that it was supported by other
studies proved very compelling, as did further research on the symbol : ) vs the symbol : – ) that
answered many of the initial criticisms. Joining this new dating, symbolic and coding evidence with numerical evidence
presented in the Origins of Smiles (particularly the works by Alpha and Professor Gif)
and other sources, formulated the Recent symbolic origins that begin when the research started.
The model, which explained modern smiles as the result of a speciation event in research and as
the instrument of change, we can place that a smile has significant impact. This model, or very similar variants of it, will become almost immediately the most widely embraced explanation for the symbolic smiles : ) & : – ) and the influence it has in modern times.